The Prof. Zaizhao Meng's are dying

It is a shocking new for me when I know Prof. Zaizhao Meng is under investigation by the party committee of PKU because of his expressions in his class. Prof. Meng is one of the best lecturers during my undergraduate period. He would like to share every thoughts in his mind, without any concerns. I admit the fact that many of his expressions are nothing related to math, and understand that some students can disagree most of his remarks. However, it will be really shameful that the university well-known for its spirit of freedom and openness in China cannot provide the last pure land for people to express. Not everyone is willing to speak without reservation, but the group should not be forced to shut up.

Translation of Prof. Meng’s message: It is my honor, the students in out class are very politically conscious, saying I speak inappropriately with my classmates on PKUhole. The party committee is investigating me. Math class can only be about math.

I could remember that when being asked the difference between THU and PKU, I will proudly say “Freedom in PKU is not replaceable”.

Prof. Meng is not a person alone. But their souls dead after being sealed.