Who am I?

Do you have anything you can’t live without? I cannot imagine if I’m not a

Foodie (keep updating: the best till now)

The best milk: 養老牛 山本牧場

The best (packed) coconut water: IF Coconut Water with Pulp or VitaCoco PRESSED

The best lanzhou beef noodles: 安泊尔

Pro-tip on having beef noodles: not going to a noodle restaurant during rushing hours!

The best spice: wasabi!

Esports fan

KPL fan boy, iDRG! Also watching many Clash Royale esports. KOF Wings noob


The best lake: Chaka Salt Lake (in China), Lake Bled (outside China)

The best mountain: Mount Sanqing

Music fan

Some concerts of whom I wanna go to (ranking by the number of songs in my library), following with the best songs out of the top 5 of this artist.


Fun fact: both TANK and Dean Ting are fans of David Tao (were active in DTFC forum).


Some good musicians with good songs, but for some reasons I don’t think LIVE is necessary.

Some excellent lyrics writers: 姚若龙 信

Street Workout noob

PB: 2 slow muscle-up (7yrs ago. After my friend, who was taken on street workout by me, had one awful injury when practising, I quitted for long time.)

Avoid any unsafe sports. Please protect yourself, buddies.

Other personal preferences

Use “Watsons Extra Smooth Double Line dental floss picks” for more than 10 years.

Hate every cable other than USB-C. Please, standardise!